Mermaid Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Mermaid Themed Baby Shower  Ideas

Preparing for your baby shower? If it’s a baby girl, you should really consider making a mermaid theme baby shower party! I can’t tell you how cute the ideas and colors are. Enchant your party with the feel of being under the sea!

Mermaids, starfish, lobsters, whales, Nemo, and more!  The colors of an Under the Sea Baby Shower should be filled with blues and greens of all shades.  Imagine the possibilities!

Every detail can be in the form of a mermaid or sea theme such as the cake, the cupcakes, the macaroons that look like oysters, the shell invitations, the cake pops, the paper work, and more. The color theme includes pastel colors such as mint, purple, blue, green, and light pink.

Fill mason jars of any size with sand and insert a candle – instant beach! Fish balloons – round balloons with with long, skinny balloons and either marshmallow or ping pong ball eyes.

For food ideas, try making cake, cupcakes, brownies, glazed cakes, Madeline oyster shaped cookies, starfish cookies, shell shaped chocolates, fish shaped chocolate pops, rock candy, sixlet pearls and gumball pearls.

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