Mickey Mouse Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Mickey Mouse and Friends are such a popular cartoon that will catch the attention of everyone in the party.


Inspired by the color palette of the collection + Baby Mickey’s cute blue and yellow overalls, I set out to create a Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday Celebration filled with stylish, playful and very approachable ideas… and with a look that could be appreciated by little ones and grown-ups alike. Let’s face it – the first birthday party is as much a milestone celebration for mom and dad as it is for the pint-sized guest of honor!




For invitation, print and cut out the Mickey Mouse ears template and the insert to use for a pattern.  Trace and cut out the Mickey Mouse Ears from black cardstock or heavy construction paper.



Trace and cut out the circle insert (You can transfer to a word processing program and type up the invitation information on the insert before cutting out) in white, red or yellow paper.  Glue the insert to the large black circle of the black template.

Embellish with white buttons.

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